Man And Nature VII

Number seven in this series contains a new element, the triangle. This shape has recently become more understood by me as a vital symbol in my work , especially in the paintings, where it appears as a pyramid.  The pyramid is related to the 3’s that I often rely on, mind, body, spirit, the three legs that are the minimum for balancing something in 3 dimensions, as well as the visual triangulation that I have employed in the paintings and especially the photographs,  for many years.  All of the wood used is very old, the triangle is a piece of pine that came from my gallery floor in my 1870’s  barn. The steel is also salvaged. I should also mention that the “home” form is also a symbol of intelligence as in architecture, as well as the nurture of a home. The basis of this series is an acknowledgement that Nature gives us many wonderful materials that we shape and use and discard when we are finished with them. I retrieve them because I find them interesting . Then I give them a new life in a form that gives me pleasure.

Man And Nature VII, 39″ x 10″ x 10″  Price  $2500.

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