The Venus Nebula

This mixed media collage /painting was started in 2019. Although I thought it was finished then, I have revised it in 2023. It is now complete. What made it incomplete?  The “Nebula” around the center core was too expansive, so I added by collage , the seven “moons”. These flatten the surface and create more tension on the surface as well as bolstering the core. The definitly female form in that core , the “Venus” is echoed in the female torso cut out added to the top center of the work. I love the gaseous nature , the nebula”, of the background playing off with the Venus elements. Again the almost drafted line is inversed here and acts like a portal into the painting. Careful examination will reveal two X’s a Y and a Z.  Two X’s for female hormones and one X doubles , along with the Y and the Z as cartesian markers of the boundaries of the picture.

The Venus Nebula, 62″ x 75″, mixed media collage on canvas, 2023.   $7000.

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