Still Life Photographs

If the essence of Abstract Painting is to “be”, as in alive now, the essence of the Still Life Photographs is to capture the alive now. If Abstract Painting “is”, a Still Life Photograph “was”, existing as a set up composition at a precise moment in time. The photographs are set up in my studio and are one exposure on 4 x 5 film. (Except for two brilliant mistakes , double exposures both, see Still Life, Still Learning and Ironic Forgetfulness) . The intent is to marry the beauty of Renaissance or Classical still life format with Modernist sensibilities. With a painting, collage or in some cases tarpaper as the background, books, flowers and other visually compelling objects are added to complete the composition. Allusion in these photographs tends to be more literal than visual. Look closely, there are surprises. In several of the compositions, I pay homage to my artistic forefathers. As a friend has observed, I am painting with objects.