Conversation Extended Through the Night

This is my latest painting. I wanted to draw with paint to illustrate the symbols important to me, the lily pads, cloud, heart and the spiritual ladder. Looking at theses as images that I have used over several years, lets talk about why they are important to me. The lily pads are to me, symbols of tranquility and conversation. The spiritual ladder refers to the staircase that was part of a recurring dream from childhood. that dream provided comfort and hope to me and as a ladder it symbolizes the ladder of aspiration that we all climb in our lives. The ladder recurs in some of my sculpture as well.  The stratus cloud is a symbol of change and a reminder to me that the sky is not falling, today, anyway. The heart although seemingly trite is still the best icon for love, something that we all need . As for the rest of the rolling, drawn marks they are are like so many words in a conversation. Taken together , they relate to each other, kind of like lily pads in their natural state. So this is a work for contemplation.

Conversation Extended Through the Night, 61″ x 94″,2023,  acrylic on canvas, framed.   $10,000.

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