The Truth Just Walked In

The curtains have just opened to show the burnt sugar universe. A single sliver of a cloud sits above the horizon or is it a rule or a measure of just this space? It divides the plane to isolate the carbon black from the atmospherics above and beyond. What is this space? Is that a pyramid on the bottom or a fulcrum or an allusion to mathematics? Another inverted on the top, both just off center, yet somehow it looks balanced. This planet also has two moons, collaged on. How could they not be a different material , if they are indeed moons?  Hidden in a triangle formation are the X, Y and Z yet another allusion to a 3-d world.  When you start looking , there are so many questions.  Enjoy!

The Truth Just Walked In,   28 . 2 . 2018, acrylic and collage on canvas, 68.5 x 56   $6500.

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