The Path of Nature (left) and Ascendant VI

These two sculptures are of a similar theme, the inherant spiritual nature of life and death. They both are made from very old wood and stone, in fact the grape vine in the Path of Nature had a square nail that I removed, the other beautiful stock is a very weathered piece of driftwood. The natural X is a piece of very old poison ivey from my walnut tree. The vines were cut off before they choked the tree.These sculptures are also addressing the passage of time and the ladder denotes the spiritual ascendancy that each of us follows in life. The cloud represents change. These are some of my favourite pieces .

The Path of Nature, 40″ x 8″ x 10″, wood, stone and steel, 2022.     $3000.

Ascendant VI,  40″ x 6″ x 10″, wood, stone , steel and sintra, 2022.    $3000.

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