Stairway To The Heavens II

Based on a childhood recurring dream this painting/sculpture is 98″ x 48″ x 17″.

My friend Gato Fuentes offered this…

The staircase was transparent.  In the beginning was the darkness: no moon, no sun, no planets, no galaxies. Just the Truth, naked, plain, open, infinite…  The Truth: creation and destruction. Like a cracked egg from which the Chaos originated.

The painter carries the canvas like Sisyphus the rock. Coming and going with different universes. This Sisyphus belongs to Camus, the god that gives us creation on a platter, every afternoon, with the last ray of sunlight. Then he goes down the mountain and begins all over again.                                                                   The word satisfaction doesn’t exist for the artist.

I learned that art is like water. Runs down hill and takes the shape of everything. Loves the tongue of deers and the breasts of nymphs. Takes a break in the pond, continues to the lake and ends up in the ocean.

The staircase is still there, like a Mayan pyramid, awaiting another sacrifice.

Price $12,000.

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