Split Decision

Of Two Minds, is a diptych, The colourful half is oil paint on an experienced piece of plywood. The blackish and whitish half is acrylic on canvas. I had traded for the plywood as I loved the beaten up (experienced) and irregular edges of the board. I had it in the back of my mind until inspiration struck ( as it so often does) at 5 in the morning when I am semi conscious. The colour is the emotional gamut in balance with the noise of the other half. Interior /exterior, if you will. Notice that there a lily pads, X, Y, and Z in that half as is my wont to bring common imagery into the fray. I have for many years thought about diptychs and this is the first of many, I think,

Of Two Minds, diptych. Oil on wood Acrylic on canvas, Each part 69″ x 36″ for a combined 69″ x 72″. 2020,  $10,000.

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