Searching for Sanctity and Shelter

Searching for Sanctity and Shelter is a large painting that came out of discussions with Ken Carpenter.  It has elements that reflect my innermost pursuits in painting and life.  I now live in a veritable paradise in Niagara On The Lake. I have really great studio space. I don’t see the dark background as negative, but elegant and fecund like soil in the gardens ( which are just coming back to life). There are rules, of course, and some days are cloudy but I still get to express myself with paint , in this case, sometimes in other materials. The “home” has appeared in several forms before in my work. Here it is a nod to architecture ( 1870’s Gothic Farmhouse) and the barns where I play. Most importantly, it is the shelter where I can appreciate everything else.

Searching for Sanctity and Shelter, 61.5″ x 111.5″,    $10,000.

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