Overruled by Serendipity

Overruled By Serendipity is a playful title for this acrylic painting.  I like the washy background with the six Jurors holding court on the bottom edge.  Note the gold calligraphic interruptions above the “Jurors” and also the stainless steel painting of the silver lining cloud”overruling the line/rule/portal. The white cloud is, as always, a harbinger of change and there is the X, Y and Z denoting the allusion to 3 dimensions.

The following review is by Gato Fuentes.

Another mysterious one. This is “Trial of Kafka”…oh yes. Or, if you prefer the judgement of the 12 tribes of Isreal. Or the judgement of Nurenberg. You have no choice, Mr Boaks, but one of them.

I like the Kafka one because it comes out of the blue, no intro, no warning, no violence either.

Mr K just goes slowly into the trial…

The painting seems friendly… it is not.

There is something behind it . or rather in front of it…

But it is an amazing piece of art! You just have to be careful when the canvas invades you. Good Luck.   G.

Overruled by Serendipity, 55″ x 111″, 2019, acrylic on canvas.   $12,500.

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