Man And Nature VI

Number six in this ongoing series, this sculpture, like the others in the series calls upon
the use of articles that have had a previous career, then been cast off. I give them a second opportunity to provide a little pleasure to viewers like you, as they say on PBS.
I really like how the table legs read like female appendages, more so than they did as table legs.
I enjoy the juxtaposition of the mulberry wood with the legs below and other twisted piece of steel, like a braid of hair, above with the file. Note the extra irony of the file having been shaped abstractly, and figuratively, whereas in it’s previous incarnation it was the shaper. The home on top, is not just a home, it also implies intelligence of the sort needed in architecture.
Man and Nature VI, 44″ x 9″ x 9″, 2017, wood, steel and soapstone base.
Price $3000.

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