I Keep Trying To Forget

I started this painting in 2007 , with the idea that there are things that I would like to forget. I have painted it over about 7 times to get to this. As an ironic side thought, I used it for a background in one of my still life photographs. Then I forgot that I had done that and a couple of days later used it again as a background AND I used the same film again, forgetting that I had used that film already. That double exposure, one of my favourites from that series ( The Iconic Ironic Still Life) is included in the Still Life section of this website.  Back to this painting, I finally have a painting that I like. All emotion and mystery and primitive scriblings.

I Keep Trying To Forget, 54 x 46″ 2007-2021, oil and acrylic on canvas.   $7500.

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