History Lesson

History Lesson is a rare foray into political comment by me and it is a contemplative painting about history repeating itself. In this case there are several paintings under this one. The most recent contributes a large Grecian style pot to the background. I am happy with the amount that it shows through. You do have to look for it, but it is there. I like the George Washington stamp from 1967, adding to the historical component. The white house is there as are the broken “rules”. The collage bit with the 3 at the top also implies that there were 2 before this one.  Every home has a history. There are also an X, a Y and a Z , a repeat of previous references to 3 dimensions.  I don’t see the blackishness of the painting as a negative, I find it elegant and neutral in emotion, unlike the current political climate.

Acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 38.5″ x 38.5″, 2017         Price $3900.

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