Desire, Rerouted & Reposed

Desire, Rerouted & Reposed is a mixed media collage on canvas. This collage is painted/rerouted over a previous painting. I like the history that appears through the new paint. The abstracted figures are in repose and repurposed from previous works. The collaged dots are very carefully positioned to “fill holes” in the composition. Notice also the 3 triangulated splatters in blackish paint. There are 2 x’s for the female chromosomes and one x  is part of the x,y,z denoted the 3 dimensions alluding to the lives that we lead. The intent of all of this is to engage the viewer with more than just the initial impression.

Desire, Rerouted & Reposed, 31″ x 35″, 2023  Mixed media on canvas, framed as shown,   $3500.

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