Both Observation and Resurrection

Both Observation and Resurrection is a very interesting story. It was the only painting that was slightly damaged in the move from my previous studio to my new Niagara wonderful studio.  I completely repainted it ,arriving at a beautiful rich blackish background, very calm and quiet, not ominous at all. I then added” the rule” that drafted horizontal line that sets the balance. The final mark was the charcoal X . This is one of the most minimal paintings that I have done. I observed and I resurrected. Ironically this was the original title of the painting. It is a better painting now. Then I reobserved and resurected yet again by adding the sliver of a cloud that symbolizes change and keeps the painting “alive now”. I believe that great art has to “be alive now” to maintain relevance. And I do think the painting is better for this addition ( in 2020)

Size 60″ x 92″  Price $8000.

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