Beauty and the Motley Truth

Beauty and the Motley Truth, is a gorgeous painting containing many of my favourite references to beauty and truth. I love this mottled background that suggests rock, the universe or maybe a ceramic glaze, three options that I contemplate.  There is a lot to take in and decide for yourself.  I love the balance of the lake like swath of chalk white in the foreground, with the ridges of history reflecting like waves. The drafted rule measures off the horizon or is it a portal into another world, containing secrets? The black pyramid in the bottom of the foreground again suggests the cultural history of art and architecture. It is also a fulcrum on which the optical balance of this picture rests. With the upper inverted triangle, I love the primitive allusion to a zebra and the additional reference to a pubic triangle and that mystery.

Beauty and the Motley Truth, 46″ x 80″, 2018      $6500.

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