Aspects of Distancing

Aspects of Distancing relates to the social situation in 2020. We are all aware of the space between us. This painting glows in the layers of red , gold and black in the almost shimmering backgroud. It can be viewed as aspects of a portrait.  The collaged female form provides the allusion to physical embodiment, while the block of oil sets the emotion. The line/rule/ mouth/portal  gives the intellectual component. The sliver of a cloud represents the spiritual , changeable and mysterious. The cloud also creates a triangulation with the 2 white spots, subconciously keeping your eye roving in the picture. The two, curtain-like swipes on each side keep the energy on this stage.

Aspects of Distancing, 68 x 59″, oil and acylic on canvas,  2020.   $6400.

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