What Is Forever?

What is Forever?, acrylic on canvas, 47″ x 75″. First painting this year. This is a complex piece, dark and mysterious, yet elegant in its composition. This existential question haunts me as I get older. The elements to be noted in this work are the collaged moon like discs working with the “forever” stamp that features a rose, that together create a triangulation that keeps the eye roving. The actual collaged triangles, top and bottom that act as a fulcrum on the bottom, also referencing math, as does the ruled line. The triangle on the top works to optically push your eye into the painting and can be thought of as a pubic triangle. The background refers to the cosmos. The cloud maintains the overall abstract landscape theme. The large dark brown swath represents the dark and quiet earth. The “curtains” that cap the two sides, work much like in a theatre to keep the composition, theatrics , if you will , from escaping.

What Is Forever?, 47″ x 75″, 2018,  $6000.

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