I Pause and Reflect, Therefore I Am

I Pause and Reflect, Therefore I Am, owes its existence firstly to DesCartes and secondly to a Mr. Seidman, who modified the original, I Think Therefore I Am, by DesCartes  This painting about contemplation of my life and time and experience and my desire to express these things in an abstract manner. Thinking about relationships is the key to appreciating the bodies of colour and shapes that are not so easily separated from the richly coloured and textured background. Everything is related, you can see through the blocks of colour to the background, rendering them inseparatible. The edges of the blocks are feathered into the background and the rule of equalibrium.  I have come to understand the triangle/pyramid on the bottom as several things, a fulcrum for balance , a pyramid to scale up for spiritual/wisdom experiences and downhill as I age physically, both grounded on the bottom/plane.

Acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 48″       Price $4800.

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