Overruled By Serendipity

Overruled By Serendipity is a mixed media painting, the last one completed in 2019.I like the washy background with the 6 jurors on the bottom edge as my friend Gato refers them . I like the integrated gold calligraphic interruptions near the bottom, The stainless steel painting of the silver lining cloud “overruling the line/ rule/portal ,I find interesting as well. The white cloud , off centre and partly covering the X supplies some interest to the otherwise balanced composition. This is the crux of the serendipity referred to in the title. Look for the Y and a Z to continue the allusion to our 3D existence. Then there are the colourful side bars that retain the energy and give some colour to the work. This is one of a series that will continue into the next decade. Please ignore the area outside of the black line which surrounds the work. The painting is inside that line.

Overruled By Serendipity, 55″ x 111″, acrylic on paper and canvas, 2019 .   $8500.

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